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Great Ways To Improve Your Garden On A Budget!

Great Ways To Improve Your Garden On A Budget!

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Think you need a giant stash of cash in the bank to turn your backyard into a wonderland? Think again. Take on board some of Atmo's green and savvy ideas to turn your garden from nay to yay!

Recruit helping hands

Why not plan a garden party? Lure in your friends with a BBQ and drinks if they help you with planting the plants, digging over beds, building the fence, laying the terrace and clearing the garden. Polish up existing fences instead of buying pricey new ones. One fab cost-cutter is using self-binding gravel instead of brick or stone for terraces or paths. 

Plan, plan and plan some more!

You've got to know for sure that you really want to change up your backyard before dishing out a whole load of cash. Try doing a sketch of what it is exactly you're envisioning. How your dream garden would look like. Also, plan to avoid cutting corners. While getting that IKEA value decking might be quite tempting, you'll be shaking your head when patches are rotting after just a couple months of it being installed. You gotta invest to get the best.

Second Hand Furniture

You know that ugly, mug-imprinted table you have sitting in your garage? - (Or any other old indoor furniture you can't bear to look at), why not give them a second life? Take old furniture and give it a glossy new coat so it can be used in your garden. Yeah, it may not last as long as the spanking new deck-chairs from Homebase, but it'll definitely last a while.

Hold onto your pennies with plants

It's easy to buy the potted plants we see sitting happily outside our florists and greengrocers, but do you really want to spend £4.99 when you can grow it yourself for basically 1p? Buy some seeds and have just a teeny bit of patience to wait for them to blossom. You can also trade plants with friends and neighbours, and create your own plant food and compost.

Strong landscape lines

Transform a tiny, dull patio area with a sharp, modern feel and crisp contemporary lines. Distinctive materials, like decorative stones or bold wood-stained decking, are a win. Go hard or go home.

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