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Government Lose Their Clean Air Court Case

Government Lose Their Clean Air Court Case

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Pollution in Britain
Britain is struggling with pollution more than ever

Campaigners have taken down the government's plans to deal with air pollution.

The judge heading the case noted the government's ideas were "unlawful" as well suggesting it as being insufficient, with more action needing to be taken in 45 English local authority locations.

Also declared was that ministers needed to make sure that in every one of these areas, moves were made to adhere to law regulations immediately.

This case was put forward by ClientEarth, an organisation of activist lawyers.

According to BBC News, Mr Justice Garnham said: "Because the obligation is zone-specific, the fact that each of the 45 local authority areas will achieve compliance in any event by 2021 is of no immediate significance.

"The Environment Secretary must ensure that, in each of the 45 areas, steps are taken to achieve compliance as soon as possible, by the quickest route possible and by a means that makes that outcome likely."

He added: "In effect, these local authorities are being urged and encouraged to come up with proposals to improve air quality over the next three years, but are not being required to do so. In my judgment, that sort of exhortation is not sufficient."

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