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Glowing And Plumped: Your Skin With These 3 Key Ingredients

Glowing And Plumped: Your Skin With These 3 Key Ingredients

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Central heating, exposure to harsh weather conditions and constantly blowing your nose can ravage skin leaving it depleted of vital moisture and in poor condition. This can result in a dry, flaky complexion, which is lacklustre and easily irritated.

If you want to give your skin some real protection this winter stop being a sucker for fancy labeling on skincare products, which are often packed with toxins, and stick to these three key dermatologically tested ingredients instead.

Try to ensure that the products you buy contain only the purest forms of these substances and haven't been diluted down with lots of nasty chemicals. Read and understand what's in it; don't be duped by the pretty packaging and the clever wording.

Hyaluronic acid

Despite having "acid" in the name, this is actually one of the most hydrating, health enhancing substances for the skin. This is due to it's incredible capacity to retain moisture (one molecule is able to hold 1,000 times it's weight in water) making it adept at plumping parched skin. Hyaluronic acid is found naturally in our bodies keeping us lubricated and acts like a sponge when applied to the skin, attracting and retaining moisture.

Vitamin C

The topical application of vitamin C can work wonders for skin rejuvenation. The ascorbic acid acts as a powerful antioxidant which helps to combat visible signs of damage from UVA and UVB rays. It also works well to even out skin tone, either from sun exposure or redness prone complexions. Added to its antioxidising properties, vitamin C is also an anti-inflammatory, acting as a double whammy for reinforcing the skin's natural barrier and improving it's appearance.


Retinol, aka vitamin A, has become something of a deity within the beauty world. This is down to the fact that it produces undeniable results in dramatically improving people's complexions. Retinoids work by causing a significant renewal of cells, thickening the skin's surface and slowing down the breakdown of collagen. It also creates an invisible layer on the skin which keeps in moisture and "bounce". Providing people choose high quality retinol products and are careful to use a low dose to begin with; retinoids are scientifically proven to enhance the appearance of skin and in most cases improve the texture, clarity and tone.

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