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Give Extra Sticking Power To Your New Year's Resolutions

Give Extra Sticking Power To Your New Year's Resolutions

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New Year's resolutions are known for their 'expectations vs reality' quality.

The two rarely match and usually come February we've either forgotten all about our good intentions, or have resigned ourselves to failure.

This need not be how the 'new year, new you' fairy tale ends. Here are some ways to make 2019 a year for resolution results.

Reward yourself

The main thing here is to acknowledge that a target has been met and to give yourself some credit. A reward is an effective way of doing this; because it is psychologically powerful as a recognition for achievement.

We tend to be very harsh on ourselves and don't even recognise it as such. It would be an interesting experiment to have your inner dialogue directed at someone else for the day instead. I think most of us would be quite shocked at how rude and disparaging we are to ourselves.

Start by keeping kind thoughts in your mind when assessing yourself and where you want to be, and then reward yourself adequately for your hard work. You know yourself and your your budget better than anyone else, so you can decide what reward is best.

Chart your progress

Vague New Year's resolutions plus no timescale for when it is to be achieved by, equals a big fat fail. Be specific and chart your progress. A physical calendar can be a nice visual aid in this respect, you may even wish to purchase a calendar especially for your 2019 New Year's resolutions to amp up motivation levels. Either write on your goals, or you can attach stickers if you prefer. The more effort you make with this process, the more likely you are to succeed.

Slip up, don't give up

This can be a real deal breaker and is one of the biggest tripping hazards to those on the path to reaching a goal. It goes like this; it's fairly early on in the journey and you're doing really well, most likely overachieving and thriving off the buzz that it gives you.

Then you inevitably experience some kind of a set-back, maybe you go away for the weekend or just simply take your feet off the pedals for a minute and all of a sudden the wind has left your sails and you're about to abandon ship. DON'T DO IT. Pick yourself up and get back in the race.

Combine forces with a friend or partner

This can help be a useful way of staying focused and motivated on a shared goal. Although make absolutely sure that it is something you both want. There is a danger that you might, for example, rope in a reluctant boyfriend in your bid to cut out sugar, then piggy-back off his excuses for not doing it. It could also be a nice way of spending more quality time with someone, say if you and your sister decide to run everyday for a month.

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