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Getting Diet Variety: Switching Meat For Fish In Your Dish

Getting Diet Variety: Switching Meat For Fish In Your Dish

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Did you know that fish is among one of the healthiest foods on the planet? It's packed with essential nutrients including vitamin D and protein. It's also the world's greatest sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which are integral to the health of your brain and body. The health benefits of eating fish include lowering your risk of heart attacks and strokes and supporting development, and heightening grey matter in the brain and protecting it from age-related deterioration.

So, if you're interested in obtaining these health benefits or are a budding pescatarian, here's a few ways in which you can switch-up a few regular meals to the fishy kind. Oh, and for diet-variation, in addition to budget-cutting, you and veggies/vegan's especially will happy to know that, on certain days, you can ditch the fish altogether and have a, yet still, super delicious dish. 😋

Scallop Risotto With Saffron

These tasty and tender, seared scallops are nestled in a flavour-some and vibrant risotto with corn and broccoli.

Blackened Fish Tacos

Black Taco's
We are totally taken by the fish taco-trend. This recipe serves flaky blackened fish packed into a tortilla shell with crisp tomatoes, cabbage and creamy avocado. It's perfected with a drizzle of smokey chipotle mayo

Thai Coconut Soup With Salmon and Kale

Thai Coconut Soup With Salmon and Kale
In this one you can switch the chicken broth for veg broth for a substantial, pescatarian-suited soup that'll settle the senses. Bursting with delicious Thai flavour, this meal is ideal for getting warmed-up and satisfying your taste-buds.

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