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Get Thrifty With 8 Wallet-Friendly Date Ideas

Get Thrifty With 8 Wallet-Friendly Date Ideas

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Whether you are in a relationship or not, dating can be an expensive business. But, don't let that be an excuse! Almost free date nights needn't be any less fun, or romantic for that matter.

Try out these cheap and cheerful romantic suggestions for budgets on a shoestring...

Beach bums

The sound of the ocean, a sea breeze ruffling your hair and the hint of romance in the air, is all you need for the perfect date. Add to that a disposable barbie for some sizzling hot deliciousness and you've got yourself a rustic meal for two, with the sand and the sea to accompany you. Morning rendezvous could be swapped with a breakfast picnic, or for the fitness fanatics, a jog along the beach followed by a smoothie. Mix it up and have some fun!

'Room' with a view

A beautiful view is the ideal way to spend a little quality time with someone without the intense pressure of sustaining a conversation, as can be the case with the traditional dining experience. Think of somewhere that has a stunning view and then get that special somebody to come and enjoy it with you. Depending on the time of year, you could prepare a flask of hot-chocolate, or some bubbly elder-flower spritz.

Starry eyed

Look at the stars, look how they shine for you. A clear night sky, aglow with a million twinkling diamonds and the great, shining orb of the moon is nothing short of mesmerising. Picture that, but with someone you fancy and you've got yourself date of cosmic proportions. You could even gem up on a few constellations to causally point out, or have a few space facts that will blow your crushes' mind.

Can you 'voucher' for that?

You may feel like a bit of a cheapskate, but this is purely your own prejudice getting in the way of enjoying a fabulous meal out with a sexy somebody, for a fraction of the cost! Voucher deals really are a no-brainer and can mean the difference between you instigating a social evening with someone you have the hots for, or not. Simple as that. Save your pennies where you can, but don't scrimp on creating intimate moments in your life!

Art thou my Romeo

Visiting an art gallery, or moseying your way around a museum are both either cheap, or free, to do. It can be a really novel and refreshing experience to spend time with someone you admire asking their opinion on the various items on display. Dates can be fraught with an awkward desperation to keep the conversation alive, however musing the works' of some great artist is a wonderful way of keeping the chat light and focused on something external to yourselves.

Trail blazing: Bikes and hikes

Get out and embrace the elements by suggesting to hit up the trails with someone that you'd like to get better acquainted with. Being outside, surrounded by nature and engaged in physical activity, is extremely effective at dissolving any layers of shyness, or awkward feelings in the company of someone new. Either take to your bikes for a two-wheeled woodland experience, or stick to your walking boots for a hike among the trees and the wildlife.

DIY spa day

Set up an evening where you do-it-yourself in regards to spa treatments. This is to be tailored to preference, however massages are a wonderful way to be intimate, whilst also providing your partner with a deeply relaxing experience. Make sure to set up a room with atmospheric lighting, an aromatherapy diffuser and some romantic music, then treat your SO to whatever they desire off the menu. Date night, check!

Get ya skates on!

Skating is a wonderfully retro and Insta-worthy activity to do with someone cute who takes your fancy. Make sure to wear the correct gear though, as looking kooky on a pair of skates could quickly lead to broken bones in a hospital bed. You could attend a roller disco, or just find somewhere flat and smooth to goof around together. The chances are it will have you both in hysterics and that's the sign of the best date ever!

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