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Get Outside And Enjoy Autumn

Get Outside And Enjoy Autumn

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Make the most of this golden crested season; with the last of the summer sun, flaming trees and the hint of cinnamon in the air.

Seasons mean that our beautiful landscape undergoes a beautiful transformation every few months; get out there and embrace the magic of autumn.


Witness the changing autumn leaves and the crisp quality of the autumn air, from on a kayak floating down a canal, or an estuary.


Beaches can be enjoyed whatever the season. Gather with friends on an autumn evening, with a fire and beers all round. Cheers!

Woodland walk

Woods in autumn are a sensation for the senses. Smell the crisp, earthy aromas and soak up the seasonal sights, whilst working up an appetite for your Sunday lunch.

Bike ride

Bring a natural glow to your cheeks and enjoy the autumn scenery as you sail past it on two wheels. Make it even better by treating yourself to a pub lunch on route.

Hot chocolate

Nothing says autumn more than a mug of velvety hot chocolate topped with whipped-cream and mini marshmallows. Why not have a little mooch around the park to take in the autumn delights and then find a cosy corner in your favourite cafe to nurse a steaming mug of chocolatey goodness with a good novel for company.

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