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Get In Touch With Your Wild Side: 5 Animal-Encounter Holidays You'll Want To Book Straightaway

Get In Touch With Your Wild Side: 5 Animal-Encounter Holidays You'll Want To Book Straightaway

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For some us, the idea of a perfect holiday isn't lounging by the pool, topping up the tan and thumbing through a copy of Elle; instead it would be having the opportunity to experience exotic habitats and see rare wildlife. There is something breath-taking and magical about witnessing animals in their natural environment, and while these types of excursions conducted in a responsible manner do tend to be pricey, it's worth every penny!

Sea kayak with orca in Canada

Can you think of anything more exhilarating than kayaking with orca swimming alongside you/underneath you! Scary, but probably one of the most memorable things you'll ever do. Being water born in the same proximity as these colossal creatures of the underwater world would be enough to raise the pulse of even the biggest adrenaline junkie.

On safari with wild elephants in Africa

Elephants are truly one of the most awe-inspiring and majestic creatures to grace this planet. Their size and their often placid nature makes them one of the most beloved members of the animal kingdom. Although, as a race, we humans have pushed this gigantic herbivore to the brink of extinction. This makes the opportunity to see them in their natural habitat, facilitated through responsible tour guides, all the more special.

Snorkel with stingray in Mexico

Being submerged in the crystalline waters off the coast of Mexico surrounded by Stingray, sometimes referred to as 'the wings under the sea', is an experience that would stick with you for a lifetime. These eerie-looking aquamarine creatures are related to the shark and might look intimidating, however they are in fact peaceful creatures and even rather playful! Definitely one to tick off the bucket list.

Experience Amazonian wildlife in Brazil

The Amazon rainforest is the most biodiverse place on this planet. This makes it a must-go destination for any lover of the natural world. Think; dense, leafy vegetation, monkeys swinging from the tree-tops and a thousand different breeds of tropical bird to feast your eyes on, and you have just an inkling of what it would be like. Keep topping up the piggy bank!

Be a zoo keeper for the day in the UK

OK, so all of the above are not exactly cheap and not all of us are able to jet off the farthest corners of the earth. In that case, how about seeking out rare wildlife on home soil? Zoo's provide us with an opportunity to experience exotic animals within a contained habitat and to learn about the environment on a global scale. Spend a day experiencing life as a zoo keeper and get up close and personal to your favourite wild animals.

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