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Gender Pay Gap Figures Revealed

Gender Pay Gap Figures Revealed

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The figures on the last gender gap for large UK companies have been exposed following the deadline for firms to report their discoveries expired.

Over 3/4 of UK companies give men more than they give women, as is suggested by BBC analysis of government statistics.

Over 10,000 companies released information, including 1,000 firms that issued their reports on the final day.

The average gap between those companies was 9.7%.

Figures have indicated that 78% of firms have paid men a lot more than women on average. A mere 14% pay women more.

With it's premises on a median measure, it's the level of pay that differentiates the top half of earners from the bottom half.

In summary, 8% suggested that there was no pay gap between women and men.

It should be noted that the gender pay gap should not be equated with being unequally paid, which would be unlawful. It is asserted by the law that men and women with the same job positions have to be given the same wages.

Gender pay gaps can occur simply when there is a higher quantity of paid men than women in a company, or if a woman is perceived as less experienced than the men in that company, or if women take a blow to their salary following a maternity break.

Firms with over 250 members of staff, in their reportage of gender pay, need to publicise information on the average difference between male and female employees.

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