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Fun Things To Do When It's Rainy Or Stormy
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Fun Things To Do When It's Rainy Or Stormy

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Rainy weather

When the weather is looking especially miserable outside (for rainy Britain), and you're not quite prepared to brave a walk to the beach or the park that saturates your face and chills you to the bone. Never fear. It's probably not new to you Brits that their are many, many alternatives. Nevertheless, if you're mind is blank and you're twiddling your thumbs whilst staring out at the pouring rain, here's a few ideas to help you make the most of your snug day indoors.

Have A Bubble Bath

Slide into a soothing bath enriched with a homemade body nourishing soap mix. In a clean container, blend up ½ a cup of body soap or mild hand liquid, 1 egg white and 1 tablespoon of honey or sugar. Pour out the whole mixture under a running faucet as you draw it. Since honey is a natural humectant, it'll both attract and retain moisture in your skin. Did you know that the white of the egg helps to make longer-lasting, stronger bubbles, for a lovely and fluffy bath. For skin that is extra-dry, contemplate adding in around a tablespoon of light oil, such as light sesame or almond.

Deep-Condition Your Hair

One of the things that we always think about doing but just never get round to. Take yourself over to the fridge to get a hold of your solution. Nothing other than mayonnaise. Begin at the scalp, coat strands with about a 1/2 cup of mayo. Leave this on for 15 and then rinse.

Host a "Tea" Party

Fun for both adults and children alike. Dress up in your finery, set the table with fine china and adopt your most formal manners. Don't forget to extend your pinky and sip politely! Recommended menu: Tea (for you), cocoa or juice (for the children), and simple chicken or egg salad tea sandwiches in pretty shapes. 

Plan a Vacation 

It doesn't matter where you are. You can dream up a warm gorgeous mountain escape or seaside resort. You can even turn it into a game, one that's even a teeny bit educational. Take a glance at a map of the world, pick a location, work out a budget and get googling

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