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Food Prawn: 7 Global Cuisines With a Shellfish Twist

Food Prawn: 7 Global Cuisines With a Shellfish Twist

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Prawns are a tasty source of high quality protein and are extremely versatile when it comes to cooking. They are also rich in selenium, an antioxidant that promotes healthy cells and zinc, which boosts the immune system.

Although prawns are delicious served alone, why not get experimental and try these recipes inspired by seven global cuisines.


Thai red curry with wild mushrooms and thinly sliced veg. This dish is perfect for warming you up on a chilly evening and the fresh spices are great for fending off colds.


Chilli and tomato linguine topped with king prawns with their shells on. This is the kind of dish you need to get fully stuck into to enjoy, probably not recommended for a first date.


Prawns fried in garlic butter; simple, yet so delicious. Add a few chilli flakes for extra zing, if it takes your fancy.


An unusual combination, but the flavours really work.


Tandoori cooked prawns are quite simply divine. If you tend to always use chicken in your curries, prawns make a wonderful alternative.


Prawn and cucumber salad jacket potato; a fresher, lighter take on this quick, comforting supper.


Jumbo jerk shrimp is what everybody wants to order in a restaurant. Full bodied flavours with a hint of the Caribbean sea.

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