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Florida School Shooting: Survivors Speak Out

Florida School Shooting: Survivors Speak Out

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Emma Gonzalez
Emma Gonzalez, a student that helped organise the protest

Survivors of the recent Florida school shooting have arranged a march on Washington to demand that action be taken in regards to gun management.

The students that planned the event informed the US media that they were aiming to turn the shooting that occurred on the 14th into a benchmark in the national debate on gun ownership.

Killing 17 students and staff members, the attack was the most lethal US school shootings since the one that occurred in 2012.

In spite of alarm bell's being raised by 2012's school shooting, President Trump stated last year that he would "never" thwart the right to keep arms - an ongoing and controversial debate among US citizens.

In his first public comments on the gun control issue since the attack, Mr Trump blamed the Democrats for not passing legislation when they controlled Congress during the early years of Barack Obama's administration.

Trump's response to the attack was to rebuke the FBI for missing key indicators prior to Wednesday's school shooting, following their confession that they had not responded to a tip-off concerning Nikolas Cruz, the suspected shooter.

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