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Five Reasons Why 'Wuthering Heights' Is a Must-read

Five Reasons Why 'Wuthering Heights' Is a Must-read

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Emily Bronte would have turned 200 today. In fact she died aged just 30, shortly after penning her one and only literary masterpiece, Wuthering Heights.

1. Inspiration to women

Emily Bronte is a popular idol for many influential women, including the likes of Margaret Atwood, Kate Bush and Lily Cole. She wrote at a time when it was frowned upon for women to do so, hence the pseudonym Ellis Bell.

2. A classic novel

Before the age of 30, Emily Bronte had produced a novel now esteemed as a literary masterpiece. Her writing was well before her time and she is applauded for the way in which she challenged the ideals of a strict Victorian society.

3. Beautifully written

Written in the style of Gothic fiction, the raw and often jarring language employed by the young author is as inspiring as it is contentious. As a reader, you are guaranteed to come away more cultured.

4. A real sort of love story

Imperfect, harsh and brutal at times the novel shows lots of mental and physical torment, as well as passionate chapters. It was unprecedented for women to exhibit this depth of emotion.

5. Treat yourself to the film after reading

The handsome Tom Hardyinhabits the role of Heathcliff in the 2009 adaptation of the book. The film stays true to the plot and themes in the book and is well worth a watch after you have finished the novel.

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