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Five Of Our Favourite Famous Friendships and What They Teach us

Five Of Our Favourite Famous Friendships and What They Teach us

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Today marks International Friendship Day and while most people will not be aware of this, or care even, we thought we'd use it as an opportunity take a look at what some of our favourite bezzie mate combos can teach us about friendship.

Absolutely Fabulous: Patsy and Eddy

These two provide more of a lesson of what not to do rather than what to do. However, despite their questionable carry-on the friendship between them is really rather touching at times, not to mention hilarious. It highlights the importance of having those friends with which you can completely let your hair down and have a proper good laugh. It's also a comic reminder that life isn't perfect and neither are friendships, nor are they supposed to be! It's through our shared dysfunctional existences that we find connection and moments of clarity.

Fearne Cotton and Holly Willoughby

By contrast, these two are a delightful depiction of what a genuine, enduring friendship looks like. Both are blonde, beautiful and ridiculously hip having dedicated their lifelong services to the media industry. The pair are such amazing friends that they even wrote a book about it. The Best Friends' Guide to Life provides something of a manual for those trying to navigate their way through the perils of social media, relationships and, of course, friendships.

Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato

This long-held friendship demonstrates how through our shared weaknesses we are able to grow and become stronger. True and lasting relationships of any kind require being open and vulnerable at times. This is something that many people struggle with, especially in a world of Instagram perfection and TV ideals. Since kindling their friendship at just seven years of age, they have experienced some very public highs and lows, including that of drug addiction and mental health.

Elle and Bruiser


Let's not forget that a best friend can also be four-legged and furry. Dogs (or any pet for that matter) can provide the kind of unconditional love and affection that really tugs on the heartstrings. The love they exhibit is beautifully honest and they will often be loyal to their owners even after mistreatment. They also require dedication on our part, not just when it suits us or when we feel like it, but every single day. Come rain or shine that pooch needs food and exercise, so therefore being responsible and thinking about someone other than yourself are just some of the valuable lessons having a pet teaches you.


The ultimate friendship group. Three men, three women all living out their lives in one big, beautiful tangled web of perfect entertainment. The series spanned a decade and in that time we shared in the laughs and the drama, learning important life lessons along the way. Don't get married to your mate whilst intoxicated in Vegas, then lie about having filed for divorce. Don't invite your BFF's feuding parents to their surprise birthday celebration. And, don't forget the best friends mantra; 'I'll be there for you, 'cos you're there for me too.'

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