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How To Make And Stick To A Fitness Plan

How To Make And Stick To A Fitness Plan

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When it comes to exercise, the most difficult part is simply getting started. It's easy to think of a billion ways to put the gym on the back burner, but an easy way of remaining committed is through scheduling the workouts in. Research indicated that it can take a mere 18 days (though an average of 66 days) to create a new habit, and penciling in sessions at the gym ahead of time (like an important meeting or the birthday of a friend) is just a single way to push you into action.

So, here's what you need to do.

Be time efficient. 

When your goal is to improve workout consistency, even speedy little gym session is better than none. So if time is what you're lacking, go for quantity rather than quality. Intervals or circuit training is a great start for you to get the heart rate going without going against the clock.

Break it up

When life gets manic, putting aside a big chunk of time to fully work up a sweat can be difficult. One great solution: Attempt planning in smaller 10-15 minute rounds of exercise during the day to acquire the same benefits as just one workout.

Be Flexible

Even the greatest plans can go downhill. Travel plans, work deadlines, obligations to your friends and family. It can all get in the way of a workout that you've scheduled in. If this is the case then focus on other areas in which you can contribute to your overall fitness, including your diet, your physical flexibility and other decisions that'll make it easier for you to get back into the game.

Be real

Tend to hit the snooze button a couple times each morning? Then it's unlikely that a plan for a morning fitness regime will last longer than a few days. Maybe you could go for a run as soon as you've gotten home from work, or fit that workout DVD in during the evening. Whatever you're planning, just make sure it's something you can trust yourself to stand by.

Hold yourself accountable

Meet up with a friend for a run, book a training session or get signed up for a dance class. It's difficult to discard workout plans when someone is waiting for you. Even better, quality time spent with friends makes the time go by even quicker

Have fun!

This is not at all surprising, but the more fun the workout, the more likely it is that we'll keep going. Set yourself up for success! If you hate cycling, then simply avoid spin. 

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