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First and Worst: 4 Guys Kiss and Tell

First and Worst: 4 Guys Kiss and Tell

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We have all dreamt of that moment when you lock lips with your crush and the world around you turns to a blur as you realise you have found your prince charming.

But what do guys think about all this smooching business? Atmo spoke to four guys who told us all about their first and worst kissing experiences!


"My first real kiss was with a girl that I had been 'dating' in college. After spending our lunch break together one day, I turned to say goodbye as we were off to separate lessons, and I decided this was it! I was going to man up and kiss her! I bent my head down and we kissed. But when I pulled away and opened my eyes after the big moment, I realised that we were holding up a bunch of traffic of people trying to get past us which suddenly made the situation very awkward"

"My worst kiss would probably have to be one that I did not ask for! I was on holiday with the boys and on one of the evenings, we got chatting to a group of girls. All of a sudden...out of nowhere one of them who I had barely spoken too literally jumped on me and snogged my face off. It was very sloppy and so unexpected that I'm not sure I even moved my lips before trying to politely peel her off of me"


"My first kiss was with a girl I had been seeing at the time, I seem to remember that she dumped me fairly soon after..."

"My worst kiss was with a girl that I met when I was at uni, she was really pretty and really cool and down to earth, but her kissing completely put me off her. She did this thing where she kept biting my lip...even after I tried to explain I didn't like it so we didn't carry on seeing each other"


"My first kiss was when I was in year 5 .. so about 8 years old. One of the girls in my class snuck up and laid one on me leaving me so shocked and embarrassed that I burst out crying!"

"A girl I was dating just after uni was probably my worst kiss. She was great but when it came to kissing me, she would become really intense and stare into my eyes in a way that really started to disturb me."


"The first time I ever kissed someone was during a game of spin the bottle, not really sure that they wanted to kiss me but everyone sort of made us, so it was not really a happy romantic memory that I cherish!"

"My worst kissing experience, I would have to say would be that I didn't kiss someone! We had been hanging out and they were very keen to take things up a notch. We had sat in the park for a while and held hands and chatted but I was too shy and nervous to go in for a kiss, we walked home, hugged goodbye and the next day... I got the boot, maybe I should have gone for it but we will never know!"

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