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Films With a Strong Female Role

Films With a Strong Female Role

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Autumnal evenings are upon us and so the 'watch later' list becomes the 'watch now' list, as we inevitably spend more time indoors in front of our screens. This can be made a whole lot more uplifting and beneficial for us if we fuel our TV habits wisely.

To help you out, here is a list of wonderful films, which have been selected for the fact that they depict a strong female role. As women, this is surefire way to inspire!

So, stick on the kettle, create a cosy little nest and prepare to feel empowered with one, or all, of these iconic film choices;

Pride & Prejudice

Keira Knightely is a product of our British acting heritage that we can all be very proud of. Equally inspirational and beautiful; Knightely takes on lead roles with a unique and extremely watchable finesse. This, combined with a legendary Jane Austen plot line, could only ever be perfect.


Feeling a little blue with the changing of the seasons? Then take my advice and stick on this film. It marks the breakthrough role for esteemed actress, Ellen Page, who is an inspiration to woman both on and off the screen. This film epitomises the feel good factor and drives home the message that the human spirit is so much stronger than anything that befalls us.

Easy A

Aside from the fact that we adore Emma Stone, this film delivers in other areas too, providing you with all the feels. It is especially generous in the comedy department; so get ready for a giggle sess and enjoy the flow of extra endorphins on a cold autumn eve.

Becoming Jane

This film is inspirational in the fact that it chronologies the early life of one of the greatest female authors of all time, Jane Austen. A beautifully produced period drama is a wonderful way of transporting you to a bygone era. It can help to forget about the colder, darker evenings and to put things into perspective.

Love Rosie

This film is a roller coaster ride of emotions; from the opening scene to the end credits. The overriding message is that true love conquers all, but there is so much more to take from this visual firework of real life relationship highs and lows. Get swept along in the drama and come out the other side feeling moved, which just what a good film should do.

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