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Festive Nails For The Christmas Season

Festive Nails For The Christmas Season

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Christmas nails are a perfect way to make yourself feel all polished and sparkly; whether for a festive party, or the big day itself.

Be inspired by this seasonal selection of painted talons, which will have you gazing at your hands in appreciation.

Winter sparkle

This classic look for Christmas has all of the snow and the sparkle you could possibly wish for.

Santa's Elf

These nails work due to the specific colours chosen, which are precisely the right tones of red and green that elves wear, along with the thick gel effect.

Tree decorations

Is there any more sophisticated colour scheme than dark burgundy and gold. These also similar to the Gryffindor house colours, for all you Harry Potter fans out there.

Starry night

If red's not your colour and gold is a little gaudy for you, then these are a good option. Midnight blue with opalescent white, or the colour of pure starlight.

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