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Festival Fashion: How to Pack Your Bag Like a Pro

Festival Fashion: How to Pack Your Bag Like a Pro

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With festival season about to kick off, it's best not to leave things till the last minute. So, leave anything heavy,your straighteners and best shoes at home, and follow this tick list for the perfectly packed bag!

1.A Headscarf 

ASOS Blue Floral Headscarf £6.00

Although it doesn't look like much, a headscarf is super versatile. You can use it to keep you hair up out of the way if its hot, style it to hide your not so fresh hair after a couple of nights in a tent and also, if it gets chilly you can use it to keep you warm. 

2. A Warm, Lightweight Jumper 


LAYERS! Even if it is glorious sunshine all through the day, the nights are sure to get chilly! Be prepared with a lightweight sweatshirt so you can stay out and enjoy the festivities all night. You can even tie it around your waist... just incase. 

3. A Lightweight Rain Coat 

ASOS DESIGN Floral Rainwear Jacket £45.00

Although we all love to dream of sun filled festivals, the reality is that at some point you are probably going to get rained on. But, no one wants to be caught in one of those clear ponchos and nor do you want to be lugging around your parka all weekend. A pretty lightweight rain jacket like this one, is the answer and...It will only take up a teeny tiny space in your bag so even if you don't need it, no harm done. 

4. Baggy Tops 

Neon Rose Cami Top With Tassel Ties Co-Ord £22.00

Baggy tops like this one are perfect to keep your load to a minimum. A selection of thin tops will keep you nice and cool throughout the weekend and with all the jumping around you're going to be doing, you will want to wear something you can move around in!

5. A Bum Bag 

Black Sequin Belt Bag from Next £16.00

A bum bag is perfect for carrying around items you need to keep with you at all times. It is also one of the safest ways to carry your valuables around when you are at a festival. 

6. Denim Shorts 

Z1975 SHORTS WITH BELT From Zara £25.99

Other then a pair of jazzy leggings if it is going to be cold, a pair of denim shorts is all you need bottoms wise. They go with everything and you can opt for what ever style you like best.

7. Some Good Sunglasses 


While those really funky shades you picked up for £2.00 look awesome, they are not going to protect your eyes. Invest in some really good shades to steer clear of sun induced headaches over the weekend. Even if it is raining it can still be way too bright to go without them all day. 

8. Pyjamas 

Oversized lounge wear hoodie £30.00 trouser £26.00

Something everyone forgets! These comfy lightweight PJ's will weigh nothing in your bag and you will be so glad that you packed them! Caught out having to sleep in your grubby, possibly wet and muddy clothes could really put a downer on your weekend, so some PJ's are essential. 

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