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Facebook Is Building A Dating App!

Facebook Is Building A Dating App!

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Mark Zuckerberg
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"There are 200 million people on Facebook who list themselves as single, so clearly there's something to do here,", Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook chief executive noted in his Tuesday keynote. As a crazily successful entrepreneur, he's looking to extend his gifting's into playing cupid - he's going to launch a dating app. 

Taking a dig at one of it's prospective competitors, Tinder, it's not going to be for "just hookups", but for "building real, long-term relationships". 

At the conference, the crowds cheered, but we're curious, what do you think about it? We think it's a pretty cool idea. As the biggest social networking site it's hardly lacking in information. Not only does it have your relationship status, but it knows your hobbies, your interests, the sort of people you get along with because of what photos you choose to 'like', how sociable you are...I could go on. 

This is incredibly powerful information, and is it not about time that a credible, socially intelligent, dating platform was made, to make the online dating world look like less of a joke? How often is it that you meet a stranger that you 'click' with, or come across someone you feel that you could really connect with via 'swiping right'? Very rarely. 

But Facebook has potential. If they really put their heads down on this project, we think they could really make huge steps forward in the world of dating. Zuckerberg is planning on building a system where users can opt in or out of the dating pool and friends of friends will be able to view each other, if their interests match that is.

Of course we dream of our grandparents' era when dating only happened irl, and came complete with roses, an elegant restaurant, and a polite gentleman that walks you to your door. 

But the times have changed and so have we. In a generation that fall head-over-heels when their love interest simply likes their Instagram picture or 'slides into their dm's', can Zuckerberg bring back some much needed depth? We're betting on him!

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