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Expected Pay Rise For A Million NHS Staff

Expected Pay Rise For A Million NHS Staff

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Expected to be officially agreed by ministers and unions, the deal could come at the lofty price of £4bn.

Upon attaining approval, English workers may notice their pay escalate straight away.

A tiered deal, the workers presently paid the least will notice the highest annual rise.

The arrangement sweeps over all staff on the Agenda for Change contract - about 1.3m throughout the UK. This is the entire workforce with the exception of senior leaders, doctors and dentists.

Not leaving out any staff, the agreement covers all on the Agenda for Change contract. This, according to the BBC, is an estimated 1.3m throughout the UK. This is the complete workforce with the exception of dentists, senior leaders and doctors.

In the NHS there are nine different pay bands. These show great variance, starting at around £15,000 a year for cleaners, kitchen staff and porters, to salaries well over £100,000 for department heads.

Nurses begin on band five, with a £22,000 starting salary. The most highly paid position on the frontline is band eight. This can pay as much as £80,000 per annum.

It is deemed that the employees on the lowest of salaries might observe their pay escalate by £4,000. People believe that the deal affirms a minute escalation of 6.5%, with many receiving an even higher escalation.

Devolved governments will fathom whether or not they should impart the deal on England's outskirts.

With Scotland having been already given it's lowest paid staff rises, there could potentially be some divergence in the way in which terms are brought to the forefront.

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