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Essential Royal Wedding Merchandise

Essential Royal Wedding Merchandise

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With the Royal Wedding just a couple days away, you need to make sure that you and your family are fully prepared, with everything you need so that you can celebrate properly. Although we do adore the official plate that has been released, there are various other slightly less expensive options that form equally viable pieces for signifying the occasion. 

Here are a few of the greatest pieces we have come across, just be careful not to buy too many of them.

1. Harry and Meghan Swimming Costumes, just £38!


Haven't bought your swimwear for summer yet? You can't go wrong with this beachwear. What better way of showing support to your countries heritage than wearing the prince's and soon-to-be Duchess's face on your body?

2. Royal Wedding Masks £7.97

These masks are simply perfect for families. Whilst you all gather around the television to watch history taking place, you can each become a royal member yourself, giving you even more of an immersive experience. 

3. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Cup Cake Toppers £2.49

If you're having friends and family over to celebrate the Royal Wedding, then be sure to perfect your cakes with some cup cake toppers. Maybe you didn't make the effort to personalise the cupcakes you brought along to the buffet at your sister's wedding, but, for the special occasion of this couple that don't know who you are, attention to detail is of the essence.

4. Royal Wedding Tea Towel £13.99

It would be a bit depressing if you used your regular towels to dry the dishes on this particular day. Spend £13.99 on this pretty cloth so that your family truly feel that this is a special occasion.

5. 'I Want To Be Meghan In My Next Life' T-Shirt £14.99 and Mug £7.99 from IWOOT

Who doesn't need a mug that reminds us to become Meghan? We little people are not good enough being ourselves, remember, OK mag says Meghan is goals.

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