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End Of August With The Kids

End Of August With The Kids

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With the summer winding down and the back to school date looming on the golden horizon of a setting August sun; let us not waste what's left of the kid's holiday!

And it doesn't have to be fancy expensive things either. These ideas are perfect for making the most of having the little people around before September hits.

Camp in the garden

Basically, this is just camping without actually going anywhere. You could even camp indoors, in the living room; it's just about creating the atmosphere of being somewhere new and doing something a bit different which makes it fun and exciting for youngsters.

Wash the car

This is a great way to kill two birds with one stone; get the car washed whilst occupying the kids. Pure genius. Who doesn't remember loving this when they were small? Make it fun with lots of bubbles and a real sense of achievement once they've completed it.

Teddy bear's picnic

This makes for magical fun in the golden hued days of late August. Find a nice spot, anywhere really, inside if it's raining, and get the kids to bring all their favourite cuddly toys for some yummy snacks and juice. Why not get the children to bake cakes for it before as an additional activity.

Play board games

Board games sometimes get a bad rep for being boring, but with the whole family involved it's great fun for everyone! Get the kids to pick their favourite games and then amp up the atmosphere with some playful banter and lighthearted competition at whose the best.

Build a fort

Is there anything more satisfying for a kid than building an awesome den. If a forest isn't readily available, then be creative with what you do have; such as bed sheets, door frames and mop handles. Hold the fort!

Dress up

Dressing up is a timeless way to entertain children, the appeal doesn't stop as an adult even! Without a full blown dressing up box to hand, you can make do with items around the house, such as bin liner cloaks and paper plate masks.

Great kiddies bake off

With the real thing having just begun, why not conduct your own version of the TV show. Get the kids to bake and decorate their own cupcakes, then you or someone you anoint gets to judge.


Encourage kids to dance as much as possible. Not only is it a fantastic form of expression, it's also a great way to tire out little Tiggers. Why not get them to make up their own dance routines for their favourite songs.

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