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Easter Decorations: Promoting Consumerism Or Meaningful Signifiers?

Easter Decorations: Promoting Consumerism Or Meaningful Signifiers?

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John Lewis Straw Rabbit With Basket
John Lewis Straw Rabbit With Basket, £18

Apart from decorating for Christmas, and perhaps for a particularly special birthday, it doesn't seem like people usually go all out to decorate other significant occasions. Easter is one of them.

For a substantial part of the Christian world, Easter Sunday takes place at some time in the month between the end of March and the end of April. In 2018, it falls close to the start of this period. It commemorates the crucifixion and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Closely coinciding with the equinox, the start of spring, it is also a holiday that is deemed as celebrating new life, fresh beginnings, hence why you are exposed to imagery of newly born chicks and lush spring pastures.

As a country, traditionally we tend to celebrate Easter through either attending a church service that focuses on relevant scripture in the biblical story, going on an Easter Egg Hunt or giving and eating Easter eggs.

But when I popped in to John Lewis during my lunch break at work, it became clear that a new celebratory trend is emerging. Boasting a colourful new Easter collection, it seems like the chain store is really trying to make Easter decorations a thing. But how do we take this? Do we appreciate it as a great symbolic gesture, a superficial endorsement of consumerism or maybe both? While I won't be rushing to buy a white decorative tree any time soon, there'll surely be some people that will.

There's no doubt that this fairly recently introduced concept of Easter decorations is, to a certain degree, fuelled by an undercutting business motivation to make the most of this holiday season - financially - by luring customers in to buy porcelain eggs and bird ornaments because it's Easter afterall.

To some, this will be seen as an unnecessary artifice, simply content with the idea of spending their Sunday in the company of loved ones, not concerned about putting a thatched rabbit in the corner to make the lounge look cute. But for others it will be welcomed. Why not give the house some sparkle? There are only so many special occasions in a year, so why not splurge a little when they come around?

John Lewis White Decorative Tree £15
John Lewis Egg Bunny
John Lewis Egg Bunny Storage, £15

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