Dumbo Cast 2019
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Dumbo 2019: Watch The Official Trailer

Dumbo 2019: Watch The Official Trailer

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Another Disney classic gets a modern re-working and this time by the master of imagination himself, Tim Burton.

Take a look at the trailer...

Yep, that is most certainly going to be epic.

In terms of the casting; Eva Green will take the lead female role with Collin Farrel, Michael Keaton and Danny DeVito taking lead male roles.

The screenplay was written by Ehren Kruger and is loosely based on the 1941 Disney film of the same name. It is scheduled to be released in America on March 29, 2019.

While Disney re-makes will always spark an interest in us, the fact that Burton is directing takes it to a whole new level.

If you are not already aware, Tim Burton is responsible for some of the most spectacular cinematic visual displays we have witnessed over the past 50 years. From Edward Scissorhands to Sweeney Todd, Burton uses his cinematic sorcery to bring the otherworldly to the big screen.

And from the trailer, Dumbo looks set to have all of the hallmarks of this director of the fantastical.

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