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Dream Jobs For Animal Lovers

Dream Jobs For Animal Lovers

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David Attenborough is your lifelong hero, your best friend is of the four-legged variety and your social media is dedicated to cute animal memes; you are officially an animal lover!

The planet's species provide an endless source of fascination and having pets is scientifically proven to make you feel happier; so what if you could combine this passion for the animal kingdom with a way to make money?

We may just have the answer; take a look at this list of paid roles, all of which involve animals!

Dog walker

Stay active, be outdoors and pet other people's pooches until your hearts content; whilst also getting paid! Sound like a dream job? Then dog walking may well be for you. With the growing popularity for owning a dog and many people tied up with work and other commitments, dog walkers often do very good business.

Cattery or kennel

While there are people who own pets and like to take holidays, there will be a requirement for catteries and kennels. If you can create a safe space that is appropriate for taking exceptional care of people's pets; then you have created a means to an income.

Animal behaviourist

This requires specific training to a high educational level, however, once established as an animal behaviourist you can embark upon a career dedicated to improving the lives of animals and their owners.

Small animal pet shop

If small animals are your thing, then share your passion with others who are looking to acquire a pet. Imagine your working hours spent surrounded by guinea pigs, gerbils and hamsters; basically a daily dose of cuteness overload!

Petting zoo

For bigger creatures and farm animals, a petting zoo might be more up your alley. There is work to be done all year round when caring for animals, so get involved!

Pet groomer

This requires specific tools and a precise skill set, but no actual qualifications, so your worth will be down to hard-earned merit. A business model with a steady stream of repeat custom, if the service you provide is good enough! Otherwise, try and earn yourself a position as assistant with someone already established in the business.

Exotic pet shop

Furry creatures not your thing? More attracted to scalier, eight-legged, cold blooded critters? Get yourself a job in an exotic pets emporium; where your curiosity for creepy crawlies will be satiated, along with the necessity for a regular income.

Wildlife Photographer

Wildlife photography is a highly competitive world, because capturing animals in their natural habitat is something that most people would love the opportunity to do for a living. Therefore, making money with this pursuit is decidedly difficult and has a lot to do with luck, however don't let that be a deterrent. Follow your passion, as you never know where it might lead!

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