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Does Your Skin Need Protecting From The Winter Sun?

Does Your Skin Need Protecting From The Winter Sun?

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The biggest cause of premature aging of the skin is due to sun damage, therefore adequate protection is necessary to prevent this. And during the summer months, when the heat of the sun can be felt, most of us are pretty good (or at least try to be) at wearing some form of sunscreen. Whether it be BB Creams with an SPF or a specially formulated moisturiser for sensitive skin.

Winter is a different story, however. It may seem almost laughable that we should think about sun protection with diminished daylight hours and coldness setting in. But think about it we should.

We are becoming increasingly aware of how the sun's rays travel and affect the skin. The component of sunlight that causes dermal damage are the ultraviolet rays. These are UVB and UVA rays. UVB creates the more superficial effects of overexposure to the sun i.e. redness and burns. Whereas UVA is a more deadly and stealthy predator of youthful skin; penetrating deep into the dermis and causing structural damage which eventually appears as wrinkles and pigmentation of the skin.

So, to prevent this, you must prevent unprotected skin coming into contact with UV rays, which are present all year round. UVA rays can travel through clouds and glass without any of the UVB burning sensation, so you might be completely unaware that your skin's youth is being torched from the inside out on a grey winters day.

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Unless, of course, you are wearing adequate SPF protection or your skin is covered up. Do some research on what is available to suit your skin type and your preferences. For example, if you tend to wear foundation everyday, make sure it's one with an SPF in it, or if you prefer natural then look at lightweight serums that will glide over skin and offer invisible protection.

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