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Digestive Health Day: Natural Supplements For Gut And Digestive Health

Digestive Health Day: Natural Supplements For Gut And Digestive Health

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Today is World Digestive Health Day, a day that marks the beginning of a campaign that lasts for twelve-months and focuses on bringing public and professional awareness to a particular digestive disease or disorder. For 2018, the campaign is entitled “Viral Hepatitis B & C: Lift the Global Burden. Since 70% of the body’s immune system dwells in the digestive tract, maintaining digestive health is crucial to the body’s overall well-being. This is why it is so important to prevent low-immunity by eat foods that you know will nourish it. Here is what you should be fuelling your body with if you don't already.

A plant — based diet


Jo Ann Hattner, MPH, RD (gutinsight.com) said that the majority of your plate should be made up of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, with smaller portions of animal foods. Even so, protein sources including milk, fish, cheese, meat and poultry are important, so make sure to consume small quantities of these throughout the course of the day. Soy is a great substitute for anyone that follows vegetarianism.

Plenty of water


AA Starpoli, MD (starpoli.com

...says that drinking lots of water (around 6 to 8 glasses daily), is essential for gut health.

Consume probiotics and prebiotics daily


AA Starpoli, MD (starpoli.com)

...remarked that probiotics are live active cultures of healthy bacteria that is found mainly in soy — and dairy — based drinks and yoghurts. They colonize in your gut and ensure that harmful bacteria is kept at bay. Even so, you really need to consume these regularly as they only stay for short periods of time. Prebiotics are non — digestible fibers that are nourishing of the healthful bacteria. Fermented in the colon, prebiotics supports a healthy environment. Prebiotics and probiotics contribute to regularity, (this means regular bowel movements on a regular basis). You should know that if you're not frequent then you will not feel the best.

Having a substantial breakfast


Jacqueline Wolf, MD (drjacquelinewolf.com)

recommends eating a substantial breakfast for the improvement of mental functioning. The studies of children indicate that breakfast consumption could heighten scores on tests and speedily improve memory. Those that eat breakfast tend not to eat as much fat overall. 

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