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Crystal Healing: We Asked An Expert To Explain

Crystal Healing: We Asked An Expert To Explain

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Crystals are one of the world's natural wonders; coming in exquisite colours and fantastic shapes.

But, what of their healing properties? To learn more about how these gorgeous stones can be used to promote health and wellbeing, we contacted the shop Crystals and spoke to Chloe Artes-Hellier, who shared some knowledge on the subject.

These are her words.

A brief history of crystal healing

Crystals have been used for millennia to heal and bring balance to people's lives. They work holistically, through resonance and vibration, on all levels of being; physical, emotional and spiritual. They are used to bring about a deep release of emotions and feelings of peace, love, grounding, etc. We are attracted to the stones that will help us to heal and our bodies are able to draw what they need from the crystals.

Three crystals and their properties

Clear quartz: Considered the master healer with the ability to amplify and carry energy. Has an extremely positive affect on the aura and energy field, clearing and cutting through physical and emotional fog, bringing light and clarity.

Amethyst: An excellent all round healer; calming, cleansing, purifying and protecting. Encourages self control and clarity of the mind. Helps to overcome addictions and blockages. Aids in meditation and spiritual development, calms and eases aches and pains.

Rose quartz: The beautiful soft pink hue of rose quartz inspires love in all forms. It teaches us the importance of self love as the basis for leading a happy life. Calming, reassuring and harmonising; cools anger, worry, fear and heartache. Promotes harmony in all relationships and helps to attract love.

How people use crystals

People incorporate crystals into their everyday lives in many ways. First and foremost, crystals are worn as jewellery. Dating as far back as the stone age, men and women wore crystal jewellery. They had a protective as well as a decorative function, guarding the wearer against harm.

Today people choose to carry tumblestones in their pockets, or sleep with them under their pillow. This helps to boost energy, encourage a good night’s sleep and help with any emotional, physical or mental issues. People also create crystal grids in spaces and times of significance, attracting abundance, protection and love.

Choosing a crystal to support during times of difficulty, or unease;

Heartbreak: Rose quartz

Good luck: Jade

Grief: Apache tear, Mangano Calcite

Confidence: Tiger’s Eye

The beautiful way the crystals work is a gentle vibrational healing; not just visually, but physically and mentally supportive. There is so much to learn from crystals, whether it be from a scientific point of view in regards to their chemical makeup and geology, or from a therapeutic approach.

To discover more about the amazing world of minerals and crystals visit the Crystals website, or pop into one of their 25 stores located all over the southwest.

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