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Christmas Crafts for Adults

Christmas Crafts for Adults

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Getting crafty over Christmas is a wonderful way of your channelling creativity; whilst saving some pennies and creating personalised, festive finishing touches for your home.

Take a look at some of these great ideas off Pinterest to get some inspiration.

Scrap ribbon Christmas tree ornament

Credit: Pinteres

These are just so simple and rustic; plus robust, so no worries about them falling on the floor and splintering into a thousand pieces.

Fir cone owls

Credit: Pinterest

These are just adorable and will look gorgeous all winter, not just in the festive bubble.

Christmas mobile

Credit: Pinterest

Using an element of nature in this way, with the stick, makes is look organic and stylish and not like a lot of tacky, shop bought Christmas decorations.

DIY Christmas candles with essential oils

Credit: Pinterest

These therapeutic candles have been given a delightfully festive twist, however once you know how to make them, they can be adapted to any season.

Christmas pebble place names

Credit: Pinterest

Pebble painting is deeply satisfying and provides a natural, yet polished finish; perfect as place names for the Christmas table.

Button Christmas card

Credit: Pinterest

For something so simple, these are surprisingly stylish and chic.

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