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Choosing The Perfect Song For a First Dance

Choosing The Perfect Song For a First Dance

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It's one of the most anticipated moments of the big day; when the newly married couple take to the floor for the first dance of the evening.

It normally marks a shift from the more formal time of eating and speeches, to the more relaxed evening event.

So, with such importance placed upon the first dance, it's crucial that the right song be chosen.

Here are a few tips that will make deciding a little less difficult for you both.

Special memory

The most important thing is that the song is special to you both as a couple. At the end of the day, it's your wedding so the most important thing is that it it makes you happy (even if you feel that Iron Maiden might offend your Aunt Hilda). The song should be one that is personal to you both; maybe conjuring up a memory of when you first met, or reminding you of a shared experience. Whatever it is, it should be a song that is special to you as a couple, not just a track you think is well suited.

Make a playlist

Nowadays with downloadable music, it's easy access any track you want and create a personalised playlist. This is perfect for if you're planning a wedding. Sit down with you're fiance and have fun thinking of all the music that has provided the soundtrack to your relationship and add in songs that you both just love to dance to as well. This can then be played though the sound system and is so much cheaper than a DJ!

Practice the dance

There's a lot of pressure on the first dance with everyone watching, so make sure to get a bit of practice in before hand. These 'practice' sessions will likely result in you and your SO in fits of giggles in the front room; however, you'll thank yourselves on the big day when your first dance is more Strictly Come Dancing than You've Been Framed.

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