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​Chemical Attack In Syria: Investigators Given Approval To Visit Site

​Chemical Attack In Syria: Investigators Given Approval To Visit Site

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The ruined streets of Douma, image courtesy of the BBC.

The inspectors of chemical weapons in Syria are to be granted access to an apparent chemical attack site on Wednesday, says Russia.

Since Saturday, the team have been denied access to the site in the town, Douma.

Whilst inspectors were denied access, US officials have raised the concern that Russia might have interfered with the site whilst inspectors were denied entry.

Russia have been suggesting that the attack was "staged". Russia and Syria deny all responsibility for the attack on April 7th.

On the ground, Syrian activists have said that the assault killed over 40 individuals and hurt hundreds more that had been protecting themselves from bomb attacks in basements underneath the city. Both witness testimony and video footage are indicative of gas seeping down into the basements and suffocating victims.

France, the UK and the US have performed targeted military strikes to the facilities that store Syrian chemical weapons.

Syria and Russia cited for "pending security issues to be worked out", whilst inspectors from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons were refused entry to the location of the alleged attack, stated the director general of the OPCW, Ahmet Uzumcu.

Authorities in Syria have instead offered the inspectors 22 witnesses who they said were at the strikes location and could be taken to Damascus for interviews.

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