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Here is How to Care for Fine, Straight Hair

Here is How to Care for Fine, Straight Hair

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It’s wispy. It’s flat. It won’t stay up and it won’t hold a style. Short of shaving it off and wearing a wig, it seems like there’s nothing you can do to make it look interesting. Welcome to the world of fine, straight hair. While other girls are moaning about how long it takes their thick, bouncy locks to dry, those of us with fine, straight hair are gritting our teeth and envying them their ability to do…well…pretty much anything with their hair. Our hair, meanwhile, stubbornly wants to do one thing: hang straight down in a wispy yet flat manner. That’s it. That’s its entire repertoire.

It’s depressing, I’m not going to lie. I sympathise strongly with the pain of fellow flat-haired ladies. But, there are a few things you can do to care for your fine, straight hair. Here are my top tips.

Wash it every other day

It’s really tempting to wash fine, straight hair every day. It just doesn’t have the substance of other hair types, which means that it only takes a tiny bit of scalp grease to make it look lank and stringy. This is a bit of a vicious circle, though. Washing every day will quickly strip any hair type of protective oils and even outer surfaces. Fine, straight hair doesn’t have much to it to begin with, so any loss to overwashing makes things even worse. So, if you can, limit washing your hair to every other day. Pop it in a ponytail on Day 2 if you have to.

Don’t condition your roots

Conditioner is generally for smoothing and softening hair. If your fine, straight hair isn’t too damaged, chances are it’s already quite smooth and soft. We’re lucky in that (for once!). Conditioning the roots will just weigh your hair down and make it even flatter than it already is. Do condition the ends, though. It’ll help to protect against splitting and flyaways.

Be cautious with heat styling

I know what it’s like. All your friends with their lovely thick, bouncy, curly or wavy hair are forever working hair miracles with tongs and hairdryers, while you’re struggling to coax a single curl out of your stubborn, flat barnet. The sad truth here is that heat styling will do a lot more harm than good. Unless you spray on so much hairspray that your hair makes a crunching sound every time you turn your head, the effect of the heat styling won’t hold. Given that fine hair is easy to damage with heat, is it really worth permanently scorching your hair for waves which only last five minutes?

Use products sparingly

The media is saturated with adverts promising incredible bounce, volume, and general zuzh from their hair products. Some of these can make a difference (light texture sprays, for example, can work wonders on flat hair). But the majority will only work on this hair type if you use them very sparingly. Scoop too much mousse or gel into fine hair and you’ll be left with a soggy (or rock hard) mess. Thicker, curlier hair can accommodate lots of product. Finer, straighter hair can’t.

Try hairspray for adding bounce 

Backcombing and hairspray are your friends. Don’t go overboard - but a little backcombing of the roots supported with strategic spritzes of hairspray can add natural-looking volume to fine, straight hair. It’s never going to give you those luscious angel-waves we all long for…but it can add that je ne sais quoi to flat locks.

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