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Calling all Dinosaur Fans: Yorkshire’s Jurassic World

Calling all Dinosaur Fans: Yorkshire’s Jurassic World

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The Newest Exhibition at Yorkshire Museum takes you back through 150 million years of history, to discover the prehistoric world inhabited by the lost giants that used to roam the earth. 

The exciting and stimulating exhibition was officially opened by Sir David Attenborough who found the event to be "Very Exciting". He explained how amazed he was by the cutting edge technology used in parts of the exhibition. The Tech allows you to virtually walk with Dinosaurs which is really fun and shows how enormous these creatures truly were. 

The museum have said that this will be a long-term exhibition and will be on show for at least, the next two years so there is plenty of time if you would like to organise a visit. 

The exhibition is full of gripping, hands on activities and the museum is a great day out. And, if taking in lots of exciting knowledge has helped you work up an appetite, the gardens surrounding the museum are perfect for a picnic on a sunny day! 

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