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Calling All Banana Lovers: Today Is Your Day

Calling All Banana Lovers: Today Is Your Day

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B-A-N-A-N-A-S it's Banana Lovers Day! What a time to be alive, there is an actual day dedicated to the appreciation of bananas. And, of course, we are 100% on board!

We owe a lot to this curvy yellow beaut of a fruit; for sustaining us through the after work gym sess and giving us the edge in an early morning meeting pre coffee.

And, while they may represent the joker of the fruit bowl, in nutritional terms bananas pack a hefty punch. Bananaman is testimony to the fact that if one fruit had to be a superhero, it would be the banana.

There has been a lot circulating in the media recently about the health benefits of bananas and the science behind why they are so amazingly good for you.

We thought we'd share a few of the properties which make the banana such a tasty, nutritional powerhouse;

Resistant starch

Ever wondered about the difference between an overly ripe banana and an unripe one and which one is better for you? Well, go green is the answer in terms of the resistant starch content, which gradually converts to sugar as bananas become more ripe.

The term resistant starch refers to the fact that it doesn't get digested properly and is therefore resistant. This form of starch is considered have huge health benefits, such as reducing appetite (thus promoting weight loss), acting as a powerful prebiotic which means your gut flora is boosted and lowering blood sugar levels which is great for insulin sensitivity. Go green bananas!


Ah, antioxidants. Does a day ever go by without seeing or hearing these little 'do-gooders' of the body science world mentioned. Often not, no and for exceptionally good reason! They are absolutely integral to the effective detoxifying of cells, without which would harbour more dangerous free radicals, which are liable to transmute into disease. One specific type of antioxidant found in bananas is dopamine, which when consumed doesn't effect the brain, but acts as a powerful deterrent to heart disease.


Potassium is almost always mentioned in relation to the health benefits of bananas, but what exactly is potassium good for? Potassium is the third most abundant mineral in the body and acts as an electrolyte generating positively charged ions which contribute to functions such as water retention and the body's nervous system.

Potassium also plays a key role in kidney health and can dramatically reduce the risk of contracting kidney disease. A lot of people are deficient in this vital mineral and should therefore use Banana Lovers Day as an excuse to get peeling for a nutritious boost.


In terms of mineral abundance in the human body, after potassium comes magnesium taking fourth place. The number of functions that magnesium performs in the body is pretty impressive too. It is essential for muscle health and preventing soreness and cramping, and is also a key factor in maintaining optimum brain function, whilst lowering levels of depression. Being a good source of magnesium, banana consumption can help you out of the statistical majority who do do get enough of this vital mineral.

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