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British Swimming Championships: Peaty Wins Breaststroke

British Swimming Championships: Peaty Wins Breaststroke

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According to a recent report by BBC Sport, Adam Peaty maintained his men's 50m breaststroke title on his final competition day at Edinburgh's British Swimming Championships.

Peaty refused to let his men's 50m breaststroke get take on the last day of competition at Edinburgh's British Swimming Championships.

Peaty, the 23 year old sailed to success to contribute to his 100m breaststroke title.

It was said by Peaty that: "It shows me I have the pace I need and that things are coming together ahead of Gold Coast [April's Commonwealth Games].

"This week was about testing myself, which I feel I've done."

In other places on the last day it was a great time for young people in the competition.

Leah Crisp, from City of Leeds, took away the women's 1500m freestyle title, while  Jacob Peters (Poole), another Junior, took away the men's 100m butterfly over Sam Horrocks and Duncan Scott.

In the women's freestyle, Freya Anderson (Ellesmere College Titans) went for and got gold in the women's 100m freestyle and Stephen Milne (Perth) took home the men's 200m freestyle. Alys Thomas (Swansea Aquatics) seized the women's 200m butterfly.

Defending her women's 50m breaststroke title was Imogen Clark, whilst Maidenhead's Tom Dean finished the double in a set of individual medley events. The 400m crown joined his earlier 200m one.

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