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British Sandwich Week: 4 Tasty And Healthy Sandwich Ideas

British Sandwich Week: 4 Tasty And Healthy Sandwich Ideas

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British Sandwich Week is a celebration, that lasts for a week, of the best meal-to-go and potentially one of the most iconic British culinary creations, the Sandwich. Being such a central meal in the British culture and psyche, the British alone buy more than 3.5 billion sandwiches every year. So yeah, we consume sandwiches, alot. But to break-up the dietary monotony, we thought we would make a few scrumptious sandwich suggestions that are sure to tickle your taste-buds.

Gluten Free – Chicken bacon avocado on gluten free bread

Layer crispy bacon with avocado sliced tomato and lettuce, on gluten-free bread for a mouth-watering lunch.

Vegan - Beetroot hummus with crunchy raw veg and pea-shoots

Vegan Sandwich

Use wholegrain bread and spread with beetroot hummus, crunchy carrot slivers, tomatoes and cucumber.

Veggie – Portobello mushroom, goats cheese, tomato, spinach, red onion

Vegetarian bagel

Get a brown roll, spread with goats cheese and top with tomato, mushroom, red onion and spinach.

Pescatarian - Salmon, Avocado and chilli-jam 

Fish toastie

Top home-made or organic wholemeal toast with avocado spread, salmon and chilli-jam. 

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