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Britain's Diet: 'Too Busy' To Be Healthy

Britain's Diet: 'Too Busy' To Be Healthy

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According to the Independent, a recent poll has discovered that millions of Brits are 'too busy' to have a healthy lifestyle.

Out of the 2,000 adults that were surveyed, over half expressed a desire to consume healthy foods and exercise as much as possible, but are inhibited by their jam-packed schedules.

The majority of the adults surveyed confess that they frequently eat 'badly' as they lack the time to make nutritious meals.

75 per cent exposed that they evade meals altogether for this very same reason. It was also revealed that three quarters evaded gym attendance due to feeling too overwhelmed by their lifestyle.

Over a fifth stated that they'd cancelled memberships completely as they'd been too preoccupied to go to available sessions.

More than one fifth said they had cancelled memberships altogether because they have been too busy to attend sessions.

Mindful Chef, the healthy recipe box company, found that two thirds feel concerned about the effect their hectic lifestyle is having on their well-being.

“Whilst the importance of a healthy diet is becoming increasingly recognised, it’s clear a huge proportion of us need more help to achieve a healthy lifestyle," stated co-founder Giles Humphries. 

Research further discovered that many do not have enough time to plan ahead to make sure that they are eating wholesome, healthy dinners during the week. In the midst of this, 6 in 10 revealed that they struggled to discover recipes that encourage them to consume more nutritious foods.

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