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Bow Ties For Your Beau

Bow Ties For Your Beau

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There's not much in a man's wardrobe that could be described as 'cute'. Except when it comes to the bow tie.

These little neck pieces are just adorable, although that's not what we'll be saying when we're gifting him one of these;

HISDERN Bee Pattern Self Bow Tie And Pocket Square Set

The classic navy/motif option. For no-nonsense men who are on point with their fashion sense.

YFWOOD Handmade Wooden Unique Bowtie

This is wild. A bow tie made out of wood. Perfect for the man who has everything!

Luxury Walnut Brown Herringbone Check Bow Tie, Tweed

Tweed has seen quite a resurgence in men's fashion of late; maybe a bit of a Mumford & Sons effect, who knows? All we do know is that it looks great and even better as a bow tie.

DonDon Knitted Bow Tie

Knitwear meets bow tie; It's a beautiful thing to behold. This is the perfect finishing touch for the smart casual look.

Handmade Cork Cube Bow tie
It doesn't get much more hipster than a cork cube bow tie. As soon as you've managed to explain to him what it is, you're sure to have a very happy man on your hands!

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