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Best Vegetarian Restaurants In The UK

Best Vegetarian Restaurants In The UK

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When it comes to dining-out, we veggies can feel a little excluded from time to time. Although, quite frequently, restaurants dedicate a little section of the menu to meals that are honed to tickle our fancies, and meet our requirements, the choices are sparse, more often than not. You know what would be dreamy? Yes, a restaurant where the vegetarian sits at the head of the table, and the meat-eaters have to squint to find their section of the menu. You know what else? These places exist! Here are a few of the top restaurants that all veggie's should visit.

Fabulous Falafel, London

Fabulous falafel is a simple takeaway-café located on Shepherd's Bush Market. The clue is obviously in the name, but they are famed for making herb-laden and crisp falafel with a light and springy texture. The best falafel you will ever taste. They get creative though - packing it into wraps with pickled veg, tasty additions including fried cauliflower, and coating it in various pomegranate, garlic and tahini. They are just bursting with flavour!

Saramago, Glasgow

A lot of people are repelled by vegetarian and vegan restaurants due to the in-your-face nature of the branding. Saramago on the other hand, is all about the subtlety. A light and airy atrium café located in Glasgow’s Centre for Contemporary Arts, it takes a certain length of time when observing the menu to figure out that it is actually a vegetarian menu. The general manager, Lisa Bolland, stated, “We feel that good food is good food regardless of whether it’s animal-free or not,” 

222 Veggie Vegan, London

Veggie Vegan London

With selections from seitan stroganoff with brown rice, pumpkin and courgette 'noodles' with lime and ginger dressing to vegan ice cream or tofu cheesecake, for once, all vegans and vegetarians will be spoilt for choice. All of the recipes at 222 are 100 percent vegan!



Farmacy owes it's glory to it's founder, the fashionista, Camilla Al-Fayed, of whom sells 'clean indulgence' to a keen audience of big-spenders. It's an avidly happy 'free-from' sort of restaurant, that has plant-based specialities that very from 'clean curries' to macro 'earth bowls'. Even the most humble of dishes whipped up taste indulgent, particularly when consumed in incredibly sophisticated settings.

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