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Best Melt-proof Summer Makeup Tricks

Best Melt-proof Summer Makeup Tricks

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Summer Girl

Summer is getting closer, and when you're hitting the beach, bar, club or pool with your friends, the last thing we want you to be worrying about is whether or not your mascara's still on or if you're concealer's still even! Here's a few of our tips for avoiding unnecessary makeup stress.

Lighten Up

Foundation Makeup

Think about it, the less you put on, the less there is to slide right off. Get a dampened makeup sponge and apply foundation lightly for a shimmery, glowing effect. Save the heavy look for evening events, trust me, you'll thank yourself.

Sweatproof The Lashes


Waterproofing the lashes is a pretty obvious trick this summer. Whether, you're spending time at the beach, the pool, the gym or the office, water to the face, whether in the form of sweat or salt water, is inevitable. We're loving the HD Waterproof Volumizing Mascara on Beauty Bay if you need some direction.

It's Time to Prime


Primer. It may seem like a complementary makeup luxury but it's actually an important step that many people miss. It does wonders. Simple get a dot of an oil-free and lightweight formula and apply to well moisturised skin before concealer or foundation. We think Elf's Poreless Face Primer is amazing.

Start Liking Liquid

Liquid Eyeliner

Although getting even liquid eyeliner can take a great deal of patience, unlike pencil, you can trust that it's not going to smudge in the heat. If you want your makeup to stay on point without any fuss, then this is the one you need. Get Yves Saint Laurent Couture Eyelinerfor both quality and value.

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