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Best Free Organisation Apps To Help You Get Your Act Together

Best Free Organisation Apps To Help You Get Your Act Together

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Life can be pretty manic sometimes. But it always make you feel better to know you've done everything in your power to make it run smoothly, and maintain that oh-so essential work/life balance. Although we frequently rely on our memories to remember what to do, where to be, what to prioritise in our daily lives - being only human - unfortunately, we're not always going to remember our Aunt Susan's Birthday or that water bill we were supposed to pay. But it's all good, there's plenty of entrepreneurial minds that have got our backs with these neat apps:

1. If (If This Then That)


Cut your storage consumption with this truly all-in-one app. It connects 300 different kind of apps all in one place, including Instagram, Google Drive, Fitbit and Spotify! Reduce your phones energy use by getting your notifications all from one source - prevents you from having to fiddly flit around different apps which can be a bit of a pain.

2. Dropbox


You can keep all your docs, videos, photos and files in one place using this brilliant app, even those that don't have an account. Everything you put in Dropbox will be backed up automatically.

3. 24me


Ever felt like you needed a personal assistant? Girl. Shift that thought, save your pennies and download this wondrous app that can do basically everything you'd ever want an assistant to do. It organises your to-do list, personal accounts, calendar and notes. You can get reminders for birthdays, bills and birthdays. It can even pay bills, and send gifts and cards on your behalf. Cool right?

4. Todoist


Simply designed, this app allows you to keep track of projects and prioritize tasks, Todoist has got the whole package. Complete, reschedule and add tasks with drag-and-drop scheduling and mark due dates. You can even share projects and lists with others too, and set monthly or weekly goals. Yeah. I've actually sold this one to myself and I'm downloading it as we speak. I need it in my life!

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