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Bedroom Colour-Schemes to Brighten Your Mood and Your Walls

Bedroom Colour-Schemes to Brighten Your Mood and Your Walls

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So you've hoovered your carpets, dusted the surfaces and polished the furniture, but, asides from smelling fresh, it still feels a bit neglected? Why not spruce it up with a lick of paint? You know that those awful salmon pink walls are doing nothing for your mood. Here's a few colour schemes to breathe a little life into your pad.

1. Café Beige

If warmth and depth is the atmosphere you're going for, then rich, neutral shades will fit quite closely with deep chocolate or light-coloured furniture.

2. Mint Green

For all the nature lovers or people with cream/neutral toned furniture, mint green/turquoise certainly brings character to your room. Just be sure that you like it. It's pretty distinct, but fresh-looking nevertheless.

3. Contemporary

This one is for those of you with furniture with crisp lines, metals and beech-woods. It can be easy to make these colours look a little too corporate though. If "business professional" is a theme that you'd prefer to avoid in your bedroom, then add in a few fluffy cushions and rugs to give it some balance.

4. Vanilla Cream

Creamy vanilla is simply a win-win situation. No matter which shade you choose, you're playing it safe, and, it allows you to have any coloured furniture you like, without the fear of a colour clash.

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