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Be Fashionably Late With These Stylish Sustainable Watches

Be Fashionably Late With These Stylish Sustainable Watches

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A sentiment held by many in the world today is that it's time we started taking sustainability more seriously.

If one object can embody this sentiment, then it is a watch made out of sustainable materials.

This selection of beautifully made timepieces are as eye catching as they are environmentally sound.

Robin Wood Eco

Bamboo wood wrist watch with cork strap £98.77

Robin Wood produce handmade, 100% vegan, Swiss movement watches. Every purchase also results in the planting of a tree.


From the four seasons collection: Fall Dusk (Walnut/Maple) £112.75

Holzkern boasts an impressive range of collections to choose from; all unique and made from natural materials. With a strong underlying sustainable and ethical philosophy, these timepieces stand out as exceptional.

Merino Straps

Luxurious band for apple watch made of merino wool £50.24

This merino wool band is perfect for those who want the comfort of wearing natural materials, but can't afford to part with the convenience of on-hand Apple software. Eco-friendly, breathable and non-allergic; wool's the one when it comes to natural fibres.


Petite Vegan Leather Watches £109.00

These watches, produced by desirable British firm AUBRY, are just gorgeous. They are also made using vegan leather and are 100% cruelty-free.

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