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Recipe Books: Bake For Every Occasion

Recipe Books: Bake For Every Occasion

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With Great British Bake Off having just begun and the evenings drawing in for autumn, it's the perfect time to pop on an apron and bake up some delicious delights in your warm, cosy kitchen.

Struggling for ideas, allow this fine selection of recipe books to inspire you;

For beginners and experts alike...

Mary Berry, the undisputed Queen of Cakes, is the one to turn to for anything bake related. The Baking Bible is the holy grail for bakers attempting to rustle up a storm in the kitchen. This also makes the perfect present for someone you feel should up their baking game.

For when you're trying to be good, but you just love cake...

This is another must-have recipe book, as it caters for the times when we are trying so hard to be healthy, but can't resist taste testing all of what we bake. With these nourishing recipes, that extra slice of cake will be guilt-free and all the more tasty for it!

For when you haven't got much time...

So, this book all the time then. Cakes you make quickly in the microwave might sound like dangerous knowledge, but... No, who are we trying to kid, this is so, so dangerous; yet so, so good! You be the decider of your own fate, or cake should we say, just don't blame us for telling you!

For something extra delicious...

This book is everything for all of the baking queens out there. You know who you are, and you probably already own this book. An irresistible tome for anyone with a passion for baking the perfect cake.

For 'free from' cakes

'Free from' alternatives in the baking arena are becoming increasingly big business. Mainly because they often taste just as good as the 'with' options, if not better sometimes. Gone are the days of vegan food being tasteless and heavy; just go to your local whole foods bakery and ask for the vegan chocolate brownie cake and you'll see. Scrumptious! and with the added comfort of knowing that no innocent animals died for your taste pleasure. This book also covers gluten, dairy and refined sugars free, so is an essential companion for the ethical baker.

For the savoury baker...

Most people (with taste buds) will attest to the fact that fresh bread is the food of the Gods. The heavenly smell, texture and taste of something so simple has a near spiritual quality to it. How about if it's bread that's just come out of your oven and is the product of your own endeavours... How do you even describe that? Get on board with baking your own delicious loaves of bread and have something to boast about.

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