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Powerful Natural Energy Boosters

Powerful Natural Energy Boosters

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Recent media attention has highlighted the risks associated with the consumption of energy drinks, proposing that young people should be banned from buying them. This comes after reports of addiction, behavioural problems and damaged health in children who consume these highly caffeinated fizzy drinks at lib.

Their appeal lies in the fact that they can provide an instant energy hit and with many of us struggling to keep on top of hectic schedules, it can seem like an attractive solution to feelings of tiredness.

Unfortunately, this instant injection of synthetic energy wears off rapidly in what is sometimes referred to as a "caffeine crash". Over time this can cause adrenal fatigue, which is effectively the body burning out.

Instead of curbing on your energy boosters, try these natural (often more effective!) alternatives instead.

Green tea

People sometimes forget that this green nutritional power fluid does in fact contain caffeine. Not as much as coffee, with approximately 30-50 mg compared to the average coffee's 100-200 mg, but depending on the strength of the brew and amount consumed it can amount to a significant quantity.

The beauty of green tea is that it also contains L-theanine and polyphenols which balances out any jittery caffeine buzz. This leaves you feeling energised and mentally alert.

Vitamin B-12

Vitamin B-12 is associated with energy, concentration and mood and is one of the eight B vitamins. Foods such as eggs, cheese, meat and fish are a good source of B-12, so if you are on a vegan diet and feeling fatigued, then you may benefit from a supplement.


Matcha is the new darling of the wellness world, with people increasingly turning to this green gun powder for their morning energy boost instead of a coffee. It's similar, in effect, to green tea; mainly because it is green tea. The difference is the way in which it is processed, with the entire leaf being ground up and therefore consumed, which intensifies the health benefits. Matcha contains some of the highest levels of antioxidants (particularly catechins) in any food source known to man.


Move over coffee; Guarana seeds contain twice as much caffeine as a coffee bean! There are lots of natural guarana products on the market, such as powders and capsules, if you're looking to take this little powerhouse as rocket fuel for productivity.


Just two bananas provide enough energy to fuel a 90 minute workout. That's not all they provide either. Packed to the brim with powerful nutrients; bananas have been linked to increased brain function, boosted mood and improved gut microbiome.

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