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Are Your Symptoms Due To Dehydration? The Effect Of Winter On Our Water Consumption

Are Your Symptoms Due To Dehydration? The Effect Of Winter On Our Water Consumption

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We are all familiar with the reminders to drink more water during the summer months, especially given the extreme temperatures we experienced over June and July of this year. However, as soon as it gets cooler the importance of hydration tends to get forgotten and people can find themselves going hours between taking in any fluids.

This is bad news for your body; which, for the average woman is made up of between 50 and 60 percent water, and relies on H20 for everything from aiding digestion to lubricating the lungs for respiration.

There are studies to suggest that your risk of dehydration can increase during the cold winter months. This is due to the fact that your thirst response is reduced by up to 40 percent when it's cold, as your body prioritises maintaining its core temperature to balancing fluids. This means you have no notion of being dehydrated until you have reached the chronic stages.

It is vital, therefore, to be aware of this lack of thirst and to make a habit of consuming fluids when you might not be thinking about it. Follow these three golden rules for increased water consumption for life.

Keep a bottle to hand

One of most guaranteed to work methods of ensuring adequate fluid consumption throughout the day is to keep a bottle of water on you. Eco-friendly bottles tend to not only be better for the environment, but also don't contain all the toxic compounds which you can end up ingesting with plastic bottles. Have one on your desk at work and keep one in your bag, to ensure you always have a visual prompt for keeping your hydration topped up.

Herbal teas count

Staying hydrated shouldn't be a drag! Of course, drinking loads of water all the time will get boring, just like most things, so mix it up with other fluids that are just as hydrating and contain other health boosting properties to boot. Herbal teas are perfect for the winter, as they provide warmth and comfort from the cold.

Sip to victory!

Studies show that gulping down large volumes of water all in one go is not a good way to hydrate. Our systems cannot immediately utilise the water we swallow, it has to go though a process of absorption. Chugging water too fast dilutes the blood to beyond what the body requires and so this excess fluid is quickly expelled in the form of urination.

Sipping, however, ensures that the body can cope with the quantities being distributed into the blood stream and optimum hydration levels are maintained. Also, if you feel compelled to gulp down water it would suggest that you are already significantly dehydrated, which you should aim to avoid by sipping fluids regularly throughout the day.

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