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Apple Have Introduced A Bunch Of New Emojis!

Apple Have Introduced A Bunch Of New Emojis!

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Today marks an important day for redheads as the ginger emoji is set to arrive (finally!).

The absence of a ginger emoji, has been one of the largest sources of upset amongst emoji users, according to the complaints that Emojipedia had been receiving, has officially arrived.

Following years of campaigning, the Unicode Consortium verified that the ginger emoji, in an array of genders and skin colours, will be accessible in their latest release of emoji's.

It was in February that approval was announced, to the delight of redheads across the globe.

One individual tweeted: “Finally they are releasing a ginger/redhead emoji! Representation,” one person tweeted.

Another ecstatic ginger posted to Twitter: “Apparently I finally get a ginger emoji tomorrow?! Is this true? Is my life complete?”

However, the ginger emoji is only one of 157 new symbols that will be added to the world of emoji's, drawing the ultimate count to 2,823.

Redheads aren't only the ones that'll finally witness their vision of an equivalent emoji come to life.

Those with white hair, curly hair, or white hair can also celebrate since Emojipedia has announced a new list that indicate that these types and hair colours will also be given representation in the latest upgrade.


Other long-waited-for emojis include a face with an added third heart, a lobster, a supervillain, and a bagel.

While the new inclusive emojis are officially available today, it might take a short while before the update can be accessed on every device.

Luckily for Twitter, they are one of the first platforms that tend to include new emojis, though those that use Android and Apple operating systems may need to wait slightly longer before they can snap up the exciting new emoticons.

Although there's been a lengthy wait, the presence of a ginger emoji forms a benchmark for redheads, who form a mere two percent of the population worldwide.

We certainly agree with what one person suggested on Twitter, that for this minority group: “Ginger emoji = social justice.” 💪🧡

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