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Alternative Ways To Celebrate NYE

Alternative Ways To Celebrate NYE

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New Year's Eve celebrations are synonymous with wild parties and booze fuelled shenanigans; usually rendering the first of January a hangover induced write-off. For many however, this 'custom' is no longer a viable/desirable option, but neither is going to bed at 9 pm with a cup of hot cocoa.

Instead, alternative ways of celebrating NYE are becoming more sought after; plans which allow people to see in the new year with a sense of clarity and calm, experiencing something different, or simply enjoying some quality time with loved ones. Here are a few ideas to inspire you.

Board games

Invite close friends and family over for a cosy evening of light refreshments and ask that guests bring along their favourite board game. Spend the evening snacking on a delicious spread of fine finger food, sipping exotic mocktails and enjoying the gentle rhythm that board games and good company provide. This is entertainment at its very finest; and at midnight you can raise a glass with everyone, feeling a deep sense of real contentment.

Crystals and moon gazing

Celebrate Earth embarking on yet another orbit around the sun with the setting of positive affirmations for the forthcoming year. Immerse yourself, and a close circle of friends if you wish to share the experience, in tools that help you to feel centred and connected to the energy present on NYE 2018. For example; tarot cards, candles, poetry, essential oils, guided meditations and restorative yoga. Use the evening as a time for deep, meaningful reflection and to focus your energy on a new set of intentions for 2019.

Midnight walk

Enjoy an evening of delicious home cooked food, steaming mugs of herbal tea, a film that delights you and then when it the nears midnight get your walking boots on and head outside. The chilly air and darkness, illuminated with only the moon (if it's clear) and a torch light, is a refreshing and exciting way to see in the new year. Make sure you have a watch or phone on you, so as to know when the 'clocks strike midnight'. You could even drive to somewhere with an incredible view and watch the various fireworks displays, or find somewhere secluded to set up a telescope for some stargazing.

Home entertainment

This one requires some preparation, in terms of the audio/visual entertainment you want on the eve of December 31. Why not begin the evening cooking up a delicious feast, whilst jigging around the kitchen to a pre-selected soundtrack that's inspiring, uplifting and emotionally grounding. Music has powerful therapeutic qualities and can be used as a means of reflection, which is an important part of entering a new calendar year.

Once the the cooking and eating is complete, turn to the medium of film with which to continue your evening of home entertainment. Ensure that you are prepared with a movie line-up that evokes the right emotions for NYE. You want classic, deeply moving, hilariously funny and downright epic on-screen narratives; that are befitting for when the clocks tick over into a whole, new year. Make your home movie night as atmospheric as possible; with ambient lighting, choice snacks and your favourite company.

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