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All The Squeals: Halloween Movies To Watch Tonight

All The Squeals: Halloween Movies To Watch Tonight

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All Hallows' Eve is upon us and so we celebrate all things supernatural and spine-chillingly spooky. If the days of donning fancy dress and going out with a bucket to trick or treat the neighbours are behind you and you're more inclined to watch a scary film on Netflix, then this selection may be of help.

We've compiled a list of more recent releases, covering all the main categories of our favourite characters associated with the horror genre. Love a good ghost story? We've got it covered. Watching with the kids? Please see the family friendly option.

Go on, have a scroll and pick your poison wisely...

Vampire 🧛‍♀️

Fancy a bit of passion intermingled with your horror, then this is what you're getting with Byzantium. An epic, vampish production starring the rather lovely, Saoirse Ronan.

Werewolf 🐺

Loosely based on the folk tale, this romantic horror featuring Amanda Seyfried, makes for a wild, wicked visual experience.


We all remember The Blair Witch Project, well this horror classic has now been revived for an equally spine tingling sequel, which goes simply by the name of Blair Witch. Watch it if you dare...

Ghost 👻

Do you believe in ghosts? You may want to watch this first before answering that. A suitably creepy offering to the shrine of British horror films. This is a first rate production that will get under your skin in more ways than one.

Demon 😱

Not for the faint hearted, even the trailer makes you jump. Just be careful that you don't have to walk anywhere in the dark by yourself after watching this, as your mind may just start playing tricks on you.

Zombies 🧟

Who doesn't love a bit of zombie action, whether it's comedic, or in this case deadly serious. This apocalypse action thriller provides a truly visceral experience of pure fear and adrenaline.

Psychological 😷

If you have a predilection for psychologically twisted narratives, then this one is for you. Prepare for a seriously messed up plot line. Happy Halloween psychos!

Clown 🤡

Bona fide scary. Don't do IT to yourself.

Family friendly 👹

I don't mind confessing that this is the one I'll be watching tonight. Sans children. Stephen Spielberg wields his cinematic magic in this animation for kids that is quite scary enough, thank you very much.

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